winetIn 1962, a German production company, Rialto film, shot its first western, Winnetou. It was partly filmed in Croatia, i.e. the Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica National Park, the river Zrmanja, and partly in Rastoke.
For the most, it was filmed in Plitvice National Park, where the treasure was hidden and in the end, will stay there forever.

After the successful production of this legendary movie, the German production company left a totem used on the set in Rastoke. It has been preserved till this day, although only two sides have the original motives, the rest are Croatian.

Movies about the legendary chief Winnetou, based on the book written by Karl May, tell a story of the adventures of chief Winnetou and his sister Nsho Tschi. One of the movies was "Winnetou and Old Firehand", based on the script written by David de Reszke, and directed by Alfred Vohrer in 1966.

The totem you can see on the family Holjevac estate is in fact a part of a stage setting from making one of Winnetou movies, "Treasure of Silver Lake", filmed in 1962. Most of it was filmed in Plitvice National Park, and there was an Indian village and a saloon set up in Slunj. The locals played the extras, and the medicine-man was played by Mile Štrk, one of the legends in the town of Slunj.