Old crafts

In Croatia there are still a lot of traditional old crafts. Some are less, some are more known, some have been forgotten, some still exist. Old crafts bring not only satisfaction, but also reduce stress a could make a certain income.

We try not only to restore old crafts but also to popularize some of them:

Production of textiles and textile products - production of yarn fabric - linen, hemp, wool, ... Women weaving the fabric on traditional dwellings produced in the traditional manner, and for different pusposes (sash, cloth, ... ). It is still posible to find old looms, enable them for use and production, or you can find a new loom based on the pattern of an old traditional loom.

Blacksmith - workshops producing items made of iron - making horseshoes, production of boilers - kettles for cooking brandy.

Leather crafts - making boots, shoes, ...



Pottery craft - manufacture of articles made of clay.

and other old crafts: knitting items out of willow rods - making lace, rope, hats, ...

All of these old crafts are our traditional wealth, their presentation and production in the traditional manner with the possibility of use in everyday life is becoming a tourist product. A product that puts a smile on your face, and when you make it by yourself or participate in its production the satisfaction is even greater.