The Four Seasons

­It is hard to decide which season is the most beautiful in Rastoke:
Spring – rich in water, falls, spatters, the first green leaves, primroses, violets, snowdrops – the colours and the smell of spring are the colours and the smell of new life being born.

Summer – green, blooming, lush, pleasant, sunny, playful – life in all its fullness.

Fall – ripe fruits; rose hip, elder, apple, blackberry, cornel-cherry, corn, chestnut – a fireworks of colours and sounds. Do you know what it's like to walk on the thick carpet of colourful leaves, and pick the fruits of the fall togeather with squirrels and deers...?

Winter – white, the carpet of leaves is replaced by a carpet of snowflakes, the waterfalls constantly form new ice sculptures, wood crackling in the furnaces, and at night – the street lamps create fairytales... Sledges, skiis, warm clothes and... enjoying the untouched, snow-covered landscape.

You can't miss whichever season you pick.